Blue Sea Systems 5032 ST Blade Split Busbar Fuse Block

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This 5032 ST-Blade Split Bus Fuse Block from Blue Sea Systems contains two isolated groups of six circuits, with each group fed from a separate busbar input. This is ideal for applications where a mix of permanent (24hr) and switched circuits is required, or where two isolated batteries are supplying different groups of circuits. Some circuits might be required to be permanently powered for safety or convenience, for example, gas alarm, bilge pump, stereo, USB power socket etc. 

The block also contains an integrated 12-way negative busbar for connecting all the return cables, eliminating the need for an external busbar. This ensures all connections are accessible in one place which makes fault-finding easier and provides a very compact fusing and distribution solution.

The fuse clips and busbars in this block are made from tin-plated copper with stainless steel flange nuts used on the busbar terminals for safe and secure connections. Connection to each circuit can be made via ring or fork terminals.

The clear insulating cover is released via the easy to operate push-button latch and features storage for two spare fuses. A handy fuse puller is supplied that can be stored in the fuse block.

Note: Fuses not included - click here. Circuit identification labels available separately - click here.


  • 32V max. voltage
  • 30A rating per circuit
  • 100A rating for the block
  • Can combine permanent and switched circuits
  • No. circuits: 12 (2 x 6 isolated banks)
  • Voltage rating: 32V DC max.
  • Current rating: 30A per circuit (100A per block, 80A per load group)
  • Fuse type accepted: Standard blade (ATO/ATC)
  • Positive bus stud size: #10-32 (M5)
  • Negative bus stud size: #10-32 (M5)
  • Terminal screw size: #8-32 (M4) with captive star lock washers
  • Mounting hole size: M4
  • Dimensions: 186.6 (L) x 84.2 (W) x 38.4 (H) mm
  • Fuse clip and busbar material: Tin-plated copper
  • Manufacturer's part no: 5032

Part Number:  5032B-BSS

Bar Code:  632085503291

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