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Battery/Power Cable Terminals & Connectors

Straight copper tube terminals, right angled (90 degree) copper tube terminals, open end terminals and butt splice connectors.

For cables carrying higher currents (e.g. battery and primary/common power feeds).

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Copper Tube Terminals - 6mm▓áCable
From:  £0.43
Copper Tube Terminals - 10mm▓ Cable
From:  £0.53
Copper Tube Terminals - 16mm▓áCable
From:  £0.65
Copper Tube Terminals - 25mm▓áCable
From:  £0.84
Copper Tube Terminals - 35mm▓áCable
From:  £1.03
Copper Tube Terminals - 50mm▓áCable
From:  £1.18
Copper Tube Terminals - 70mm▓áCable
From:  £2.23
Open End Terminals - 10mm▓áCable
From:  £0.37
Open End Terminals - 16mm▓áCable
From:  £0.49
Open End Terminals - 25mm▓áCable
From:  £0.64
Open End Terminals - 35mm▓áCable
From:  £0.96
Open End Terminals - 50mm▓áCable
From:  £1.20
Open End Terminals - 70mm▓áCable
From:  £1.76
Butt Splice Connector - 6mm▓ Cable
From:  £0.55
Butt Splice Connector - 10mm▓ Cable
From:  £0.64
Butt Splice Connector - 16mm▓ Cable
From:  £0.70
Butt Splice Connector - 25mm▓ Cable
From:  £0.81