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Please note:  2 housings of the same colour are required to make a complete connection
Anderson SB50 Double-Pole & PP75 Powerpole Connector TerminalAnderson SB50 Double-Pole & PP75 Powerpole Connector Terminal

The industry-leading Anderson Power Products SB connectors are ideal for quick and easy connection and disconnection of high current cables in applications such as battery charging, jump starting, welding etc. The connectors are genderless so both sides of the connection are identical. Simply turn one of the connectors upside down and slide them together. SB50 connectors are the smallest in the range and suitable for currents of up to 120A (in accordance with UL 1977 test specification).

Sold as a single grey housing without terminals (2 housings of the same colour are required to make a connection and each housing requires 2 terminals).

Terminals must be purchased separately and are available to fit 6mm², 10mm² and 16mm² cable

Various accessories including PVC cable sleeves, handles and connector covers are also available.


  • Genderless design
  • Low connection force with high terminal contact force
  • Connector housings are mechanically keyed by colour to prevent cross-connections
  • Sacrificial terminal tip to contain damage caused by arc during 'hot' disconnect
  • 'Flat wiping' action self-cleans the terminal contact faces as they mate
  • Moulded polarity markings on connector body

Further information

Terminals available here

Terminal crimping - Terminals should be crimped to the cable conductor using a suitable tool (a hexagon crimper is recommended). Alternatively the terminals can be soldered to the conductor.

Terminal insertion - Observing the polarity markings, insert the terminal into the connector housing so that the step at the end of the terminal slides along the surface of the sprung metal tab within the housing. Continue pushing the terminal into the housing until a sharp click is heard, which indicates that the tab has latched into place behind the step and the terminal is locked in place.

Terminal removal - Press the sprung metal tabs in the connector housing fully flat using a suitable tool (so that they clear the step on the terminal body) and withdraw the terminal.

  • Voltage rating: 600V AC/DC max (UL1977)
  • Current rating: 120A max using 16mm² cable - UL 1977 rating ('hot' connect & dis-connect allowable up to 50A)
  • No. poles: 2
  • Connector housing material: Polycarbonate
  • Connector sprung tab material: Stainless steel
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to 105ºC
  • Overall dims: 48.0 (L) x 35.1 (W) x 15.9 (H) mm
  • Overall length of 2 mated connectors: 81.3 mm

Part Number:  992-BK

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robust plug
14 May 2024  | 

I drove L.G.Vs so am familiar with these types of plug and am aware of the damage that they tend to suffer in the working environment, these specific plugs though smaller than those utilised for 24v heavy duty connections, seem to be every bit as robust. A very fairly priced plug

Perfect for the job
09 July 2023  | 

Used to connect an electric outboard to a battery.
Ideal for the job.

04 August 2022  | 

Good quality product delivered ivery quickly

Positive connection between parts
23 September 2020  | 

Assembled these with 16mm2 soldered wire into the contact terminals. They located securely into the housing and mating parts then snapped together positively

Good connection
15 September 2020  | 

Makes for a good connection, fitted to the charge cables on a portable battery box. Easy to connect and disconnect.

24 August 2020  | 

These connector housings are ideal for connecting a solar panel to a caravan battery - click together and pull apart with a solid connection

Just the ticket
14 May 2020  | 

These connectors are easy to assemble and good quality
disconnecting does take a bit of force but that is good
highly recomend

04 November 2019  | 

Sadly these were the right shape, just far too large for my trolley ends

Top Quality product
16 March 2017  | 

These connectors are not cheap but the quality is excellent. I find them to be an incredibly versatile method for making 12 volt connections

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