24v, 10A Adjustable Delay Timer Relay (Delay ON or OFF)

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This changeover relay operates on a + 24v input signal and has an adjustable delay time (either a delay before ON or a delay before OFF) that the user can configure to meet the requirements of their application.

Download a comprehensive user guide here

The relay operates in one of two modes:

  • DELAY OFF - a momentary +24V input is given (e.g. from a momentary switch), the relay energises and there is a delay before the relay de-energises. Note: If a continuous rather than momentary input signal is provided, the timer will commence when the signal is removed.
  • DELAY ON - a continuous +24V input is given (e.g. from an ON/OFF switch), there is a delay and then the relay energises (the relay de-energises when the input is removed)

In both modes the delay time is adjustable between 0.5 seconds and 6 hours, making this relay extremely versatile. The adjustment is made by removing the plastic plugs on top of the relay to access the dials beneath. The adjustment settings are shown in the table below:

Dial A setting

Dial B range Operating Mode


0.5..........10 secs

Delay before OFF


5..............60 secs Delay before OFF


0.5..........10 mins

Delay before OFF


5..............60 mins

Delay before OFF


0.5...........6 hours

Delay before OFF


0.5...........6 hours

Delay before ON


5..............60 mins Delay before ON


0.5...........10 mins 

Delay before ON


5...............60 secs

Delay before ON 


0.5...........10 secs Delay before ON









Terminal No.



+24V input signal


+24V for load (common terminal)




Normally Open (NO) output


Normally Closed (NC) output







Important: If the intended load draws more than 10A then this relay should not be used to directly switch the load. In this case the output should be used to switch the coil of a secondary relay that has a sufficient current rating and is fitted with a voltage suppression resistor or diode. This voltage suppression is important to prevent voltage spikes damaging the timer relay electronics.

Please note that due to the electronics used in this relay it is not possible to use it to switch the negative side of the circuit, and the relay may be damaged if this is attempted.

  • Relay type: Changeover with adjustable timer delay 
  • Voltage rating: 24DC
  • Current rating: 10A max.
  • No terminals: 5
  • Terminal size: 6.3mm blade
  • Bracket type: None - use relay holder P00708
  • Overall dims (inc. terminals): 30 (L) x 30 (W) x 53 (H) mm
  • Current draw when timer is active: Approx. 20mA
  • Current draw when timer is inactive: Approx 7mA

Part Number:  0-742-24

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24v, 10A Adjustable Delay Timer Relay (Delay ON or OFF)
24 June 2016  | 

Excellent product. Supplied setting up instructions poor, but different .pdf document provided from support excellent.

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