Remote Control For Sterling 'Pro Batt Ultra' Battery-To-Battery Chargers

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This compact remote control unit enables various functions of the 'Pro Batt Ultra' battery-to-battery chargers to be operated from a convenient location and provides visual information about the battery and charger status via the front panel display.

Installation is simple, requiring only a single panel hole to mount the remote control and one cable connection to the battery-to-battery charger that carries both power and data.

Note: This remote control will only work with the newer battery-to-battery chargers with the white and red cases.  It will not work with the older chargers that have black and red cases.


  • Display showing charging stage, voltage, warnings and temperature
  • ​Set charger to float charge mode
  • Set charger to 50% output (half current limit)
  • Set charger to standby mode
  • Set charger to Night Mode
  • Turn charger off
  • Reset both charger and remote control

Designed in the UK


  • Remote control face diameter: 68mm
  • Panel hole cut-out diameter: 55mm min.
  • Depth of unit: 48mm
  • Cable length (approx): 7m



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