Quasi (Modified) Sine Wave Inverters

Quasi (or modified) sine wave inverters take a 12V DC power source and closely approximate the shape of the AC waveform that you get from your household electrical sockets, meaning that they can operate about 95% of 240V AC powered equipment. Exceptions to this are electrical appliances that use thyristors (for example bread-makers and washing machines) meaning that they will not operate properly unless they are powered from a pure sine wave supply. For equipment with thyristors please look at our pure sine wave inverter range.

These quasi-sine wave inverters from Sterling Power are robust, reliable units and are more cost-effective than pure sine wave inverters if you are running basic electrical items like kettles, microwaves, hairdryers, fridges, TVs, blenders, laptops, games, consoles etc.  They are a compact size for their output power and incorporate several safety features to protect the inverter and battery from damage.