Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Isolated DC-DC charger

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Brand:  Victron Energy
Voltage  12-12V
Current Rating  30A



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Note: Cables not included. Please download installation instructions to determine correct cable size and fuses for your application.

The Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A isolated DC-DC charger is Victron's professional solution to charging a 12V auxiliary or leisure battery from your engine's 12V alternator. It is fully compatible with 'smart' alternators found in Euro 5 and later vehicles and is Bluetooth-enabled, so can be monitored and configured remotely via the VictronConnect app. It can be used to charge all lead-acid battery types (wet, Gel, AGM) as well as lithium and the charging profile is fully configurable to allow you to match the voltages recommended by your battery's manufacturer.

The difference between this and the non-isolated version is that this charger has separate, galvanically-isolated negative connections for the starter and auxiliary batteries (the non-isolated version uses a single, shared negative connection). You would require the isolated version where your starter and auxiliary batteries don't have an electrically-common negative connection or where, for your particular application, it is preferable to keep them separated. For 99% of vehicle-based applications the non-isolated version would be the correct choice. This isolated version will still function perfectly well in a setup where the batteries have a common negative connection, but you would not be making use of the isolation feature.

The Orion Smart unit can operate as a fully configurable battery charger with an adaptive 3-stage charging algorithm, or as a DC-DC converter. The adaptive charging algorithm means that, for lead-acid batteries, the charger will automatically modify the absorption time to account for the depth of discharge. For shallower discharges, the absorption time is reduced to prevent over-charging.

Unlike other DC-DC chargers that rely on hard-wired signalling from the alternator or ignition, the Orion Smart does not require any additional wires or sensors which simplifies installation.  The 'engine-on' detection is software-driven and is fully configurable via the VictronConnect app.

This unit will operate in high temperatures up to 55°C and it will produce the full rated output of 30A up to 40°C.


  • Electrically-isolated negative connections
  • 'Smart alternator' compatible (Euro 5, 6, 6+)
  • Built-in Bluetooth and fully configurable via smartphone app
  • Adaptive 3-stage charge algorithm
  • Fully programmable battery charging profile
  • Suitable for all battery types (including lithium)
  • Can operate as a fixed voltage DC-DC converter
  • 'Engine-On' software detection for simplified wiring
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Remote on/off facility
  • High temperature protection
  • Units can be wired in parallel to increase output
  • Input voltage range: 10-17 V
  • Under-voltage shut down: 7V
  • Under-voltage re-start: 7.5V
  • Nominal output voltage:  12.2V
  • Output voltage range: 10-15V
  • Output voltage tolerance: +/-0.2V
  • Continuous output current: 30A (up to 40ºC)
  • Maximum output current (for 10s): 40A
  • Short circuit output current: 60A
  • Continuous output power at 25ºC: 430W
  • Continuous output power at 40ºC: 360W
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP43 (screw terminals facing downwards)
  • Efficiency: 87%
  • No load input current: <80mA
  • Standby current: <1mA
  • Galvanic isolation: 200V DC between input, output and case
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +55ºC
  • Cable connections: Screw terminals
  • Max. cable cross-section: 16mm2 (6 AWG)
  • Dimensions: 130 (H) x 186 (W) x 80 (D) mm

Part Number:  ORI121236120

Bar Code:  8719076047698

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Good charger but lacking functions
02 April 2021  | 

Have been using this DC-DC charger for a year now, and has performed faultlessly. Not sure about the case issue from previous review, since mine has a strong metal case. In fact, I dropped it before installing and it broke my floor tile, yet wasn't harmed itself. I would say the features are lacking though. I've three other victron devices and they give great info through Bluetooth or VEDirect, but this gives voltages in/out and that's it, not even current. If you normally pick victron for integration into your existing system, don't discount other makes when you choose, since this doesn't contribute much and you may as well consider a different charger. Still a good charger though.

Victron Shunt
19 March 2021  | 

These seem to be very poorly built. Had one with open casing so sent that back. The new one I got also has casing slightly open. These have either been damaged during transport or just built to a very low standard.

Shame because the other victron products I have are fantastic.


Hi, We are sorry to hear of the issues you appear to be having. Please contact our sales team who will happily look into this matter further.

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