Superseal / Econoseal Terminal Ratchet Crimping Tool

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High quality ratchet crimping tool with a die specifically designed for crimping Superseal (1.5 & 2.8 Series) and Econoseal connector terminals.

Superseal and Econoseal rubber cable seals need to be retained by the rear tabs of the terminals to keep them in the housings, but with other tools it is easy to over crimp and split the seal, potentially letting in moisture. It also ensures that the terminals do not become deformed during crimping, which can make assembly into the housing difficult.

This tool ensures a perfect conductor and seal crimp every time with the ratchet mechanism ensuring the jaws cannot be released until a full crimp has been made. Features spring return and cushioned handles for comfortable repeated use.

Sold individually.

Further information

For our range of Superseal connectors, use the tool position marked Super 2.8 - 1.0-2.0mm²

  • Weight: 600g
  • Length: 230mm

Part Number:  TT77.1

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Easy to use
Tuesday, 24 August 2021  | 

Easy to use, and works perfectly

Good quality tool.
Monday, 23 August 2021  | 

I had a repair to do on my daughters mini which required purchasing a repair kit for the super seal plug in the rear of the car. Having never tackled this type of connector I did some research, found the instructional video from 12 volt planet on You Tube and realised this tool was a necessary buy to do the job. Easy to use by following the video although I had to use both the dies to get a nice tidy crimp. Started big and then used the smaller one to finish off. Pushing in the wire and plugs in to the socket was not as easy as it looked in the video!
To sum up, a great tool I love the super seal system and am planning to use it extensively on other projects.

Superseal crimp tool
Saturday, 29 May 2021  | 

Easy to use and performs reliable crimps for these excellent connectors.

Expensive but you can't do without it.
Thursday, 20 May 2021  | 

Well designed and simple to use.

Superseal / Econoseal Terminal Ratchet Crimping Tool
Wednesday, 3 February 2021  | 

Not had a chance to use this crimping tool yet, but looking at the quality of the tool I think it should do the job very well.

Superseal / Econoseal Terminal Ratchet Crimping Tool
Wednesday, 3 February 2021  | 

I bought this tool as I had previously struggled to crimp the Superseal terminals by hand and ended up soldering them on.
This tool crimps the terminals perfectly and has already paid for itself purely in the time saving.
Fast and quick - Highly recommended.

Does what is says on the tin
Wednesday, 13 January 2021  | 

Worked well. Itís important to squeeze it fully closed. It does feel like youíre overdoing it, but it comes out fine.

Youtube video persuaded me to buy
Thursday, 10 December 2020  | 

I'm glad I bought this specialist tool first time round. Definitely makes using these connectors quite easy.

does exactly what it should
Monday, 30 November 2020  | 

To begin with I didn't want to spend £36 on a single-use tool, especially since I already have a multi-bit crimper but they don't (yet) have a superseal bit for it. So I experimented with solder etc to see if I could do without it. No joy.

The tool does exactly what it should. It is solid and well made. One detail I like is that the ratchet mechanism lets you put the terminal into the jaws, grip it lightly, and lay the tool down without it releasing the terminal. This lets you do something else without having to start all over again.

And of course once I had the tool I began to find more places that would benefit from a superseal connector.

Superseal crimping tool.
Monday, 7 September 2020  | 

An excellent tool. Within a day of receiving it, it was put to use. No problems and produced a good finished crimp.

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