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The Sargent EC160 offers a compact, all-in-one solution for the safe distribution of 12V DC and 230V AC electrical systems in campervans, motorhomes, caravans and other leisure vehicles. These units are very popular amongst professional and DIY converters alike for their integrated design and ease of installation.

The EC160 safely manages all your 12V and 230V distribution in one compact enclosure and contains a 150W, fixed voltage (13.8V) charger for re-charging wet lead-acid leisure batteries* from a mains hook-up and a split charging function for re-charging wet lead-acid leisure batteries from the vehicle alternator(Euro 4 & earlier vehicles ). 

The 230V distribution system comprises 3 x 10A MCBs & an RCD to supply power to 3-pin sockets, heater, water heater etc. as well as the integrated 12V battery charger. The 150W charger can supply up to 12A and is capable of both charging your leisure battery and powering your 12V systems at the same time (the 12A output is shared, e.g. 3A used for powering 12V circuits leaves 9A for battery charging). The 12V distribution system comprises 6 circuits protected with automotive blade (ATO) fuses for the following circuits: permanent live (e.g stereo head unit), internal lights, fridge, water pump, aux. and the internal 12V charger.

The control panel of the unit has a number of switches to control Battery charger ON/OFF, Battery selection (starter/leisure), Lights/Aux power ON/OFF, Pump(s) ON/OFF and features an LED voltmeter with ON/OFF switch to show the state of charge of the batteries. 


  • 150W (approx. 12A) Charger /  Power Supply Unit
  • 6 x DC circuits with automotive fuses
  • 3 x 230V AC Miniature Circuit Breakers (10A)
  • 1 x 230V RCD
  • Integrated split charge function (Euro 4 vehicles and older)
  • Suits wet lead-acid batteries*
  • Leisure battery range 75-120Ah
  • Charger ON/OFF power switch
  • Water pump power switch
  • Lights/Aux power switch
  • Vehicle/leisure battery selector switch
  • LED voltmeter with ON/OFF switch
  • 230V AC reverse polarity indicator
  • Can be used with optional DC-DC charger

* May be able to be used with Gel/AGM lead-acid batteries, depending on their composition


This kit is intended for installation in vehicles that have a standard alternator (Euro 4 spec engine or earlier) and the split charging feature will not work effectively in vehicles with a Euro 5 or 6 spec engine.  If you wish to fit this kit in a vehicle with a Euro 5 or 6 spec engine then you will need to disable the split charging feature in the kit, by removing the link wire between 10 & 11 in the connector block, and fit a separate battery-to-battery (DC-DC) charger to charge your leisure battery from your alternator.  Please contact Sargent directly for detailed technical support in relation to this.

Sargent now produces its own DX320 20A DC-DC charger for this purpose which can be found here (other DC-DC chargers can be used).

  • AC input voltage: 230V 
  • AC output protection: 3 x MCB (10A) + RCD
  • DC input: 2 x 15A battery inputs via screw terminal block
  • DC outputs: 5 x via screw terminal block
  • DC output protection: 6 x fused circuits (ATO blade 10A, 10A, 10A, 5A, 15A, 20A)
  • Integrated charger: 13.8V fixed voltage, 12A max., 150W
  • Signal input: 1 x engine running (D+) via terminal block 
  • 230V input cable length: 1.7m approx.
  • Overall dims: 150 (H) x 300 (W) x 205 (D) mm

Part Number:  EC160

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Founded in 1991, Sargent specialises in designing and manufacturing complete electrical systems for campervans, motorhomes, caravans and other leisure vehicles. Sargent is best known for its all-in-one kits which are extremely popular amongst professional and DIY converters alike for their integrated, plug-and-play designs.

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