Portasol Pro-50 Gas Soldering Iron

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This butane gas powered soldering iron is ideal for use where access to mains power is not available and gives you the freedom to work easily in confined or awkward spaces, often encountered when undertaking wiring jobs in vehicles and on boats.  A great addition to any tool box.


  • 50 Watts power
  • Max. tip temp 375°C
  • 4.8mm double flat soldering tip
  • Integrated flint sparker in cover for ignition
  • 10 second refill time
  • 40 second heat-up time
  • 60 minute run time

The gas tank is re-fillable using standard butane lighter fuel available in many high street shops.

Please note: Portasol recommend using a reputable, high quality brand of fuel to avoid contaminating the heater element with particulates that can be present in other cheaper fuels.

Supplied individually (fuel not included).

  • Overall dims:  195 (L) x  27 (W) x  17 (D) mm
  • Fuel type: Butane

Part Number:  P50

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