World Ocean Day

8 June 2022  |  Paul

Today is World Ocean Day and at 12 Volt Planet, we understand the importance of the oceans of the world. Some of you who spend time on the ocean might have noticed more and more, the impact modern life is having on the fragile ecosystem that lives below the waves. Today we, like many others, are using World Ocean Day to try and raise awareness of the things we can do to help protect our oceans. 


World Ocean Day


In 1992, Canada raised the idea of a day to highlight the importance of the planet's oceans at the Earth Summit in Rio. 10 years later the Ocean Project began the promotion and coordination alongside global partners. Since then the UN officially made the 8th June World Ocean Day, launched a conversation to help prevent plastic pollution, established a youth council, and launched an action-focused conversation to protect 30% of the world's oceans by 2030.


Our oceans are vital to human existence, providing over 50% of the world's oxygen. They also store over 50 times more carbon than our atmosphere, meaning they can provide a safeguard against climate change. Many ingredients for medicines come from the oceans and these can help fight cancer, arthritis, dementia, and even heart diseases. Even recreational activities like boating, surfing and swimming, which can help with our mental and physical health, are important for us to take into account when we think about our oceans. 


World Ocean Day - Protect Our oceans

Image by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 


So how can we help? We have suggested some little things we can do in our lives to protect our oceans and help with repairing the damage already caused. 


  • Reduce Pollutants and Waste - By using non-toxic cleaning products and recycling we can help protect wildlife from ingesting harmful toxins that not only affect them but eventually make their way into our bodies. (Fun Fact: You will ingest a credit card's worth of plastic from our food every year due to plastic waste) 
  • Buy Sustainable Seafood Products - This helps encourage population control of species on our seas to prevent over-fishing or inhumane fishing practices. 
  • Practice Boat Safety - If you use a yacht or sailboat, make sure you anchor in sandy areas far away from coral or seagrass & adhere to "no wake" zones. 
  • Use Clean Energy - By using solar or wind power you can reduce the need for fossil fuels and help reduce climate change having an impact on the world's temperatures
  • Clean-up - Cleaning up not only after yourself, but volunteering to clean an area of coastland will all help reduce the environmental impact we're having on our world's oceans. 
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