Protect your connections from corrosion with Contralube 770 - now in stock

Thursday, 23 January 2014  |  Paul


Stop electrical gremlins in their tracks with Contralube 770 Electrical Contact Protector

What is Contralube 770?

Contralube 770 is a clear gel that prevents moisture ingress, oxidisation, corrosion, verdigris, contact wear and vibration corrosion (fretting) and ensures your connections remain as reliable as the day they were first made. It is ideal for use in areas where connections are subject to harsh environments and is especially useful for the protection of marine electrics.

Where can it be used?

It can be used on all types of electrical contacts: push-fit, screw, multi-way etc. and is also suitable as a weatherproof packing grease in terminal entry holes.  Examples of use are bulb connectors/holders, spark plug terminal covers, distributors and ignition components, battery terminals, push-fit pre-insulated crimp terminals, towing sockets and plugs and even hinges, locks and latches.

What are the features/benefits?

  • Water & salt resistant and provides weatherproofing from rain and spray
  • Prevents oxidisation and vedigris
  • Stops vibration corrosion (fretting) and associated contact wear
  • Dielectric properties - will not cause electrical shorting
  • Reduces contact insertion force and the possibility of damage or mis-assembly
  • Will not evaporate
  • Contains no silicone
  • Can be used on all metals and is compatible with most plastics

How is it used?

To use, simply apply to the terminals or contact surfaces to be protected, ensuring full coverage. For multi-way connectors it can be applied directly onto the pins and into the sockets.

Does it reduce the conductivity of the connection?

The gel itself is non-conductive (it has a similar electrical resistance to that of air) so cannot cause accidental shorting and it does not increase contact resistance because it is pushed aside by the contacts when they are mated so that the micro 'peaks' or asperities of the contact surfaces touch, whilst the gel sits in the 'troughs' and around the outside of the contacts, preventing moisture ingress.


Contralube 770 is available in 8g sachets. Click here to go to the product page.