Portable Power Hubs

Thursday, 28 July 2022  |  Craig

We are very excited to launch a range of Portable Power Hubs on our site.

These all-in-one power systems combine a lithium battery, built-in DC-DC battery charger, built-in MPPT solar controller and 12VDC and USB outputs in a single portable and movable box. 

Unlike some portable power hubs, our new range comes with Anderson-style connectors which are commonly found in the automotive market, meaning no need for expensive brand only cables. These connectors also make the installation safe and easy, and the unit is supplied with cables to enable fast connection/disconnection and removal from the vehicle when required.

These portable units do not limit on power either, sporting a 100ah, 200ah or 300ah battery & the ability to run a 2000w inverter they are well and truly an off-grid system offering unlimited versatility for anyone wanting non-permanent power. 

Designed for the leisure market these units support much larger battery capacity then the equivalent EcoFlow or Jackery units & greater DC-DC Charging meaning they will charge up quicker. The battery also has a much great life cycle range of 2000 Cycles meaning longer-lasting power for years to come. To find out more about the differences please click on the products below or speak with a member of our team 

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