New Durite DC to DC and Solar Charger

15 January 2023

We are proud to announce that we are now stocking the new Durite 2-in-1, DC-DC charger with MPPT Controller.

On the battery to battery charging side, it has a 40A max output, and is suitable for use with all battery types including lithium. The set up is simple as it has a mode selector on the side of the charger that you can select your battery type with (smart alternators require an ignition feed) and once the cables are connected, you can simply fix the charger with screws.

The charger can work up to 80°C so it can be installed in the engine cabin but please note, as with all chargers, the hotter they get, the less power they can produce so it could be worth mounting it elsewhere. We usually recommend fitting a DC-DC charger as close to the leisure battery as possible. This is a very compact unit considering its capabilities, giving you lots of options for location when installing. The charger also has overheat, overvoltage, under voltage and reverse polarity protection.

As this is a 2-in-1 unit, the charger can also harvest solar energy. It can handle panels of up to 400W and unlike some similar units on the market, it has a generous Open Circuit Voltage tolerance and can handle 32V DC max, so all of the solar panels in our range will be suitable for use with this charger.

For the full specification of the unit, which cable and fuses to use and the availability of it, please click here and view the listing on our site.

Durite 2-in-1 DC-DC charger

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