Multi-stage automatic leisure battery chargers now available - Made In The UK!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014  |  Paul

To complement our recently introduced mains installation kits and hook-up accessories we have now added a range of leisure battery chargers in 12A, 20A & 25A outputs. Re-charging with a dedicated multi-stage charger will prolong the life of your battery and keep it in top condition whilst connected to 240V power.

These high-quality, 3-stage battery chargers from UK manufacturer Rovert Electrical are fully automatic so you can leave them permanently powered without damaging your battery, They are capable of charging traditional wet lead-acid batteries as well as AGM/Gel types and can recover 'dead' batteries that have been deeply discharged and which might otherwise have to be replaced.

An additional feature of these chargers is that they can be used as Power Supply Units (PSU) to directly power 12V appliances if your leisure batteries are totally flat and they have in-built protection against short-circuit, over-current and thermal overload. They also have outputs to connect up a remote LED so you can check that they are operating.


  • Controlled multi-stage charging
  • Charges traditional wet lead-acid and AGM/Gel batteries
  • Can recover batteries drained to a low voltage level
  • Fully automatic charging (can be left on without damaging the battery)
  • Remote LED connection
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Can also be used as a Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • LED indication of operating mode (Charger Mode- green LED / PSU Mode - yellow LED)
  • Conforms to all the latest standards
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

These chargers should be hard-wired into a 6A (max) miniature circuit breaker (MCB) such as the one in our mains installation kit.

Rovert Electrical's chargers are used by OEM vehicle converters/manufacturers in fire & security, medical and commercial applications so you can be assured of a high level of reliability and build quality.

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