Marine Emergency Cut-Off Switch With Lanyard and Knob - 12V 15A

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Marine emergency cut-off switch with lanyard.

Typically used on personal watercraft such as jet skis and on dinghies with outboards, these switches will cut the ignition to your engine should you fall off/overboard.

The button is forced upwards when the lanyard clip is in place and connects your ignition circuit.  If the lanyard clip is removed the button retracts and the circuit is broken. The circuit can also be cut whilst the lanyard clip is still attached by pressing and holding the button until the engine stops.

For use with coil or magneto ignition and rated 16A @ 12V.  

Fitment is via a 16mm dia. panel hole and the terminals are 6.3mm brass blades.

Note: The switch is only to be used in emergencies due to risk of damage to the vehicle's electrical system from repeated use. 

Further info

Terminal layout

  • M-M connected when switch is ON
  • C-C connected when switch is OFF
  • Voltage Rating: 12V
  • Current Rating: 15A continuous
  • Terminal size: 6.3mm blade
  • Terminal material: brass
  • Panel hole size dia: 16mm 
  • Max panel thickness: 2.5mm 
  • Lanyard length: 45cm unstretched
  • Overall Dimensions: 50 (D) x 27.2 (W) mm


Part Number:  0-605-41

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