Isolation Nut for Fused Battery Terminal Clamp

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This special securing nut must be used with our single and double fused positive battery terminal clamps (product codes P02179 & P02180 respectively).

It fits into the 12mm hole of a copper tube or ring terminal and secures the fuse and terminal to the stud of the fused battery clamp. The special feature of this nut is that it prevents the ring terminal making contact with the stud and ensures all current flows via the fuse (if it were to touch then it would by-pass the fuse and render it redundant).

To ensure effective isolation, we recommend only using a single ring terminal per post. 

  • Spanner Size: 19mm
  • Dimensions: 22 (L) x 22 (W) x 15.4 (H)

Part Number:  192549

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