H7 Halogen Performance + 50% (12V 55W) - Single Bulb

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Low stock, item being discontinued.  

Low stock, item being discontinued.


12V H7 Halogen Performance + 50% automotive bulb rated at 12V 55W. This bulb provides up to 50% more light than a standard H7 bulb as a result of its xenon gas content. Clear glass combined with a highly focused filament provide optimum driving performance.

Meets German E1 approval (recognised as the highest standard for automotive bulbs).

European road legal.  

Applications include dipped beam headlights, main beam headlights and front fog lights. 

Sold as a single bulb.


  • Voltage rating: 12V
  • Output: 55W
  • Approval: E1
  • No. of filaments: 1
  • Type/fitment: H7 (499) Px26d
  • Dimensions: Please see above image

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