Contralube 770 Electrical Contact Protector - 8g Sachet

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Low stock, no more available

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Contralube 770 is a premium electrical contact protector in the form of a clear gel that prevents moisture ingress, oxidisation, corrosion, verdigris, contact wear and fretting corrosion and ensures your connections remain as reliable as the day they were first made. It is ideal for use in areas where connections are subject to harsh environments and is especially useful for the protection of marine electrics. It can be used on all types of electrical contacts: push-fit, screw, multi-way, battery terminals etc. and is also suitable as a weatherproof packing grease in terminal entry holes.

The gel itself is non-conductive so cannot cause accidental shorting and it does not increase contact resistance because it is pushed aside by the contacts when they are mated so that the micro 'peaks' of the contact surfaces touch, whilst the gel sits in the 'troughs' and around the outside of the contacts.

To use, simply apply to the terminals or contact surfaces to be protected ensuring full coverage. For multi-way connectors it can be applied directly onto the pins and into the sockets.

Sold individually in 8g sachets.


  • Prevents oxidisation and contact wear
  • Water and salt resistant
  • Does not increase electrical resistance of the contacts
  • Non-conductive so will not cause shorts (dielectric breakdown voltage - 10kV)
  • Does not evaporate so will protect indefinitely
  • Contains a UV dye to allow easy detection under UV light
  • Contains no silicone
  • Compatible with most plastics and all metals
  • Temperature range: -40 to +130ºC
Download the Contralube 770 Product Data Sheet here

Further Information

  • If you need to remove Contralube 770 then we recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) which is widely available.
  • Verdigris is a blue/green coating that appears on copper-based metals over time when exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Fretting corrosion is an abrasion of metals in contact caused by low amplitude vibrations or thermal expansion/contraction.


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Contact grease
Friday, 23 June 2017  |  Roy

Difficult to review as more time needed to see if it works. May provide protection stated on new untarnished connections. Does not say in instructions what you should do with existing tarnished connections, do you need to clean them?

Great product
Monday, 22 May 2017  |  Barry

Spot on as advertised quick delivery

Does the job - pity it's so expensive
Tuesday, 20 December 2016  |  James

I.m dropping the mast on the yacht - a major operation. I use Contralube to protect the bulb contacts in the masthead lights from corrosion as they won't be accessible again for years.