Change Over Mini Relay (High Power) - 12V 70A - With Diode

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Heavy duty, high power changeover relay rated at 12V, 70A.  Commonly used in starter motor and other higher current applications.

Features a diode fitted across the coil (terminals 85 & 86) to suppress voltage spikes that occur in the coil circuit when the relay is de-energised. If not suppressed these can damage sensitive circuit components such as those found in central locking or alarm systems.

Important: +12V must be applied to terminal 86 and ground to terminal 85. If this is reversed the diode may be damaged.

Note: This relay has three 9.5mm wide terminals (30, 87 87a) and so will not fit any of our relay sockets.

Sold individually.


  • Voltage rating: 12V DC
  • Current rating: 70A
  • Terminal configuration: Type B
  • No terminals: 5
  • Terminal size: 6.3mm blade (85 & 86), 9.5mm blade (30, 87, 87a)
  • Overall dims (inc. terminals): 28.5 (L) x 28.5 (W) x 42 (H) mm

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