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CBE PC100 Analogue Control Panel Kit

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Fresh Water Tank Probe For CBE PC100Fresh Water Tank Probe For CBE PC100

The CBE PC100 kit is an all-in-one, 12V installation kit built around the popular PC100 analogue control panel and provides all the major components required to get your leisure electrcial system up and running in your campervan or motorhome.  The microprocessor-controlled PC100 control panel provides a host of features for controlling  and monitoring your electrical system and the clear display with LED indicators shows all the important information you'll need.

This kit is designed for use with lead-acid leisure batteries (not suitable for lithium) in vehicles with standard alternators (Euro 4 spec engines or earlier), although it can be modified to enable it to be used with 'smart' alternators (Euro 5 or 6 spec engines). Please see 'important note' below.

The CBE PC100 kit contains the following components:

  • PC100 analogue control panel with LED display
  • DS300 12V fused distribution box
  • DS120S 230V AC mini consumer unit with double pole 13A circuit breaker and RCD
  • 230V AC junction box
  • CB-516 16A 4-stage automatic battery charger
  • Pair of screw probes for waste water tank level sensing
  • Wiring harnesses, connector blocks and terminals

Please note:  A fresh water level sensor is not included with this kit but can be purchased separately here

The PC100 control panel provides the following functions:

  • Voltmeter for checking starter and leisure battery health
  • Fresh water tank level indicator
  • Waste water tank 'full' indicator
  • Indication of 240V mains connection
  • Split charging indicator
  • Starter battery over-discharge alarm
  • Leisure battery over-discharge alarm
  • 240V mains power ON indicator
  • Awning light on/off switch
  • Water pump on/off switch
  • Main power on/off switch for 12V circuits
  • Battery over-discharge protection

The DS300 12V fused distribution box provides the following functions

  • Fused distribution for 10 circuits
  • Split charging of leisure battery (lead-acid batteries only)
  • Trickle charging of the starter battery (max. 2A) from mains charger
  • Automatic control for 3-way fridge and electric step
  • Connection point for solar panel controller (not included)


This kit is intended for installation in vehicles that have a standard alternator (Euro 4 spec engine or earlier) so the voltage-sensing split charging feature will not work effectively in vehicles with a Euro 5 or 6 spec engine.  If you wish to fit this kit in a vehicle with a Euro 5 or 6 spec engine then you will need to disable the split charging feature in the kit and fit a separate battery-to-battery (DC-DC) charger to charge your leisure battery from your alternator.

Please see Downloads / Links tab for details.

PC100 control panel with LED display

  • Voltage rating: 12V DC
  • Panel trim colour: Dark grey
  • Dims: 192 (W) x 78 (H) mm
  • Fixing type: recessed panel mount

DS300 12V fused distribution box

  • Voltage rating: 12V DC
  • No. fuse locations: 11
  • Fuse values: 3 - 30A (dependent on circuit)
  • Battery low voltage cut-out: 10V DC
  • Battery re-engage voltage (following cut-out): 12V DC
  • Starter battery trickle charge bypass current: 2A max.
  • Split charge relay rating: 70A
  • Battery and ground stud size: M6
  • Overall dims: 140 (W) x 180 (H) x 85 (D) mm
  • Fixing type: Surface mount (mounting feet supplied)

DS120S 230V AC mini consumer unit

  • Voltage rating: 230V AC, 50Hz
  • Miniature circuit breaker rating: 1 x 13A double pole
  • RCD rating: 25A, 30mA
  • Overall dims: 140 (W) x 180 (H) x 85 (D) mm
  • Fixing type: Surface mount (mounting feet supplied)

CB-516 16A switch mode battery charger

  • Charging type: 4 stage automatic (bulk, absorption, float, stand-by)
  • Input voltage rating: 230V AC nominal
  • Output voltage rating: 13.5 - 14.3 V DC (depending on charge stage and battery type)
  • Output current: 16A max.
  • Battery compatability: Wet & sealed lead-acid, gel, agm (not compatible with lithium)
  • Protection: Thermal overload
  • Recommended battery capacity: 40 - 150Ah
  • Overall dims: 140 (W) x 180 (H) x 85 (D) mm
  • Max. working temp: 50°C
  • Fixing type: Surface mount (mounting feet supplied)

The 12V distribution box, consumer unit and battery charger housings are modular and can be attached to each other horizontally or vertically to enable a compact installation.

Part Number:  PC100KIT

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